What Is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning and What are Its Benefits?

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is the most effective way to clean window blinds, including the cords and internal parts that get dirty over time.  Your blinds are submerged in an ultrasonic blind cleaning tank where high frequency ultrasonic sound waves create microscopic bubbles that remove grime, germs, dust, allergens, bug residue, pet dander and more.  The cleaning helps improve your indoor air quality and also helps internal mechanisms and cords operate better and last longer.  Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended by major blind manufacturers as a great way to maintain your window blinds and we recommended you have it done every 1-3 years (depending on your use and indoor air quality conditions).


Metal Venetian Blinds - $25* per blind

Faux Wood "vinyl" Venetian Blinds - $30* per blind

Vertical Blinds - $3* per vane - track & valance $15*

Cloth Shades (eg: Pleated, honeycomb, duette and other cloth blinds and shades) Starting at $35* - email for pricing.

(Blinds over 6 feet wide are an additional $5* per foot. We do not clean blinds over 8 feet wide)

* Minimum charge applies

The above prices DO NOT include picking up your blinds, and taking them to our shop for professional ultrasonic cleaning and drying, then returning to hang up your fresh, clean blinds. There will be a pick up/drop off fee, price varies depending on your location ***Please note that we have a minimum total job charge of $175 for any jobs where we pick up and return blinds.***  

If you need your blinds cleaned sooner than we can schedule a pick up or wish to save some money, we offer our regular standard prices listed above with no pick up/drop off fee if you drop your blinds off to us for cleaning. ***Drop offs are by appointment only, minimum total job charge of $85 for drop offs, email us to schedule an appointment.***

* We do not clean real wood blinds


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