It’s easy and convenient to have your blinds professionally cleaned!  Call 604-792-2121, Modern has been cleaning customers blinds and window coverings for over 20 years.

How Do We Clean Your Window Blinds?

We arrive at our scheduled appointment in the morning, we remove your blinds and bring them to our shop where we thouroghly clean them using our Ultrasonic cleaning system.  Once cleaned we hang your blinds on our specialized drying rack to gently dry using fans and dehumidifier.  Once dry we return your clean & fresh blinds and rehang them for you, the same day...easy and convenient!

What Is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning and What are Its Benefits?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the most effective way to clean all parts of window blinds, including those cords that get dirty over time.  The whole blind is completely submerged in an Ultrasonic tank where high frequency sound waves remove grime, dust, dead flies, spider eggs, pet dander and more from every nook and cranny.  Your blind will be thouroghly cleaned.  The cleaning also helps all the mechanisms of the window blind operate better and last longer. Ultrasonic Cleaning is recommended by major blind and window covering manufacturers to clean and maintain your window blinds.

We use an ultrasonic cleaning system to gently but effectively clean your blinds completely. We restore older Blinds. Blinds are hung to dry before returning. It’s what you don’t see in a window blind that’s important to keep clean so that your blind functions properly, here’s a before and after of some internal mechanisms in the head rail of a 2.5” faux wood vinyl blind.

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