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We arrive at our scheduled appointment in the morning, we remove your blinds and bring them to our shop where we gently clean them using our Ultrasonic cleaning system.  Once cleaned we hang your blinds on our drying rack to gently dry with our fans and dehumidifier.  Once dry we return your clean & fresh blinds and rehang them for you, all in the same day...easy and convenient!

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What Is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning and What are Its Benefits?

Window blinds can get very dirty. Over time, dirt build-up degrades and damages blinds. This creates a costly problem as the blind will need to be replaced. Additionally, window blinds can get so dirty that they don’t just look ugly, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. In commercial settings, dirty blinds can be a significant health hazard that can lead to employee absenteeism, infections and other serious problems. Such problems not only reduce productivity, they can be a serious liability.

Window Treatments Can Be Tough To Clean. 

Most people try to clean their blinds by hand. They’ll scrub them in the bathtub, hose them down or maybe even use some gadget or chemical advertised on TV. Unfortunately, the results are always the same:

• It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to get blinds as clean as desired.

• Blinds quickly become dirty again as static-electricity from cleaning actually attracts dust and dirt.

• Cleaning blinds by hand is back-breaking, labor-intensive and time consuming work.

• Blinds are very easy to break during cleaning.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning machines clean window blinds quickly, safely and absolutely minimizes the risk of damaging blinds during cleaning.

What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the rapid and complete removal of contaminants from blinds which are immersed in a tank of water. This tank has ultrasonic sound waves that vibrate through the water breaking apart dirt, dust particles, grease, oil,  bacteria, dust mite, mold and allergens.

How The Ultrasonic Cleaning Works

Single or multiple window blinds of any configuration are placed in a basket, then they are immersed in an Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank full of water and cleaning solvents. When the unit is activated, the transducers that are attached to the underside of the tank begin to create a massive amount of tiny bubbles in the solution. These bubbles strike the surfaces that need to be cleaned, popping with massive force. This blasts away all dirt while causing zero damage to the blinds. This process is called the ultrasonic cavitation. The bubbles can penetrate the smallest of cracks without having to constantly reposition the blinds. After a few minutes in the first tank, the blinds are transferred into the second part of the tank filled with clean water to be rinsed. Once the rinsing is complete, the blinds are all ready to be dried and reinstalled.

What Are The Benefits of Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

There are several benefits offered by ultrasonic blind cleaning, especially if you want to create a home or office environment that is completely free of dust and harmful allergens, these benefits are:

Renewing your blinds to make them look as good as new.  This is much more cost effective than replacing your blinds.  

We use an ultrasonic cleaning system to gently but effectively clean your blinds completely. We restore older Blinds. Blinds are hung to dry before returning. It’s what you don’t see in a window blind that’s important to keep clean so that your blind functions properly, here’s a before and after of some internal mechanisms in the head rail of a 2.5” faux wood vinyl blind.


1" mini blinds                                $17 per blind

2.5" Metal Blinds                           $19 per blind

2.5" FauxWood / Vinyl Blinds        $22.50 per blind 

Verticles (cloth or plastic)               $ 2.50 per vein

All other blinds, please call for information and pricing.

Minimum $100 invoice amount for pick up and delivery service.

We would be pleased to provide a custom quote for large quantities or commercial jobs.

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